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The Date – Heineken Beer Commercial

Ideally any advertisement plays the role of persuading people to buy a certain product or use a particular service through any means. Of late the world has taken the music path for most ads and the Heineken commercial has not been left out of this music frenzy. A good song catches your ear, and not just your eye.

It starts with an excitement filled couple on a date running into a club through the kitchen. The man is clearly looking to impress the young pretty lady and maintains eye contact with her as he briskly makes short work of the piece he is cutting on the table. He exits the kitchen and tries to pick a bottle of Heineken from a waiter who pulls it away. He clearly knows his way around and his presence is warmly received by many as he walks in to other rooms.

The same waiter denies him a second beer as he rushes into another linked room. The theme behind this commercial is a mix and match of modern music and heavily indented Indian culture. The presence of Japanese dressed young Asian ladies and the dragon behind the curtains is proof of this. It is probably symbolic that he tries to slay the dragon and protect her showing manliness of some sort.

What Song Is In This Commercial?

The song the the band is playing is called Jaan Pehechaan Ho by Mohammed Rafi, they listen as they dance in a crowd and finish off with a Heineken beer toast. So where did I find the name of the song? It didn’t have any lyrics, so it was a little bit difficult. On Hubpages, there is a great article about how to find the name of songs used in commercials.

The level of entertainment in this commercial is top notch and really hyped up. However many other commercial songs, it has no sync with the beer itself and left me lost as to the selling point of the advert.

The song in the commercial is performed with a lot of energy and the ladies are all on their toes just as is expected in a club. The entrance through the kitchen is also confusing save for the fact that the chef knows him and greets him fondly. The strange man with the rabbit trick is cool but why would he be inside a club? Probably the worst part of this commercial is when the main character removes a Heineken beer out of his mouth. That part looks fake because the beer does not come from his mouth at all.

Aside from the great video shooting work and the superb performance, this advertisement has broken the first and most important rule in advertising which is, persuade potential consumers to buy the product.

That said the part I somehow understood was when the waiter placed the beer on the table for them after the dance. Probably the first two times were too early for them to drink but they deserved it in the end.

All that to say, I felt kinda mixed on the commercial. What did you think? Am I totally missing it? 


2 responses to “The Date – Heineken Beer Commercial

  1. briandominski ⋅

    Who is the band in “The Date” Heineken commercial doing Jaan Pehechan Ho?

  2. Captain Quirk ⋅

    Yeah, you’re missing it.

    The point of the commercial is to show a young couple having a wild, exciting night on the town. And what are these hipsters drinking? Why, Heineken, of course! And if you want to be a dashing man-about-town too, you’ll have what he’s having!

    And as for the “fake”-looking shot of him pulling the Heineken bottle out of his mouth, it was SUPPOSED to look fake. Even within the fictional world of the commercial, it wasn’t supposed to look real. The strange-looking magician makes a rabbit appear, and the young man says (with a hand gesture), “wait, look at this — I can do a magic trick, too!” and then proceeds to do the obviously fake pulling-the-beer-bottle-out-of-his-mouth “trick”. It’s all part of the whimsy and energy of the scene.

    Just my opinion, of course, but the commercial has an exotic, “international” look and feel that I really like. 🙂

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